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This course is designed to capture your essence, aesthetic and unique style. It is a course for any creative entrepreneur who wants to define or redefine their creative style.

Your “creative style” is who you are visually and aesthetically. It also in your products and messaging. There is no doubt that we are in a world that is becoming more and more visual, and it’s more important than ever to have  your style nailed down. You don’t want to look like anyone else and why should you?

Trust me, it is all too easy to get caught up in the visual clutter and to lose your way, falling out of sync with who you truly are. We veer off course. This is your time to define or redefine your style, business and branding.

The world is dying for you to be authentic. But up until now, no one is encouraging you to take the time and figure out HOW to tap into your authenticity or your creative style. They just say you NEED it but don’t offer the HOW.

Here are some quick FAQ’s
1) The first lesson goes up Aug 25th
2) The course runs for 6 weeks, 2 lessons releases a week
3) It will take at least 2.5  hours a week of your time. If you are active in the private Smart Creative Style FB group and spend more time creating boards and working on the downloads-it is  a BETTER experience for you!
4) The cost is $440.You can also take my atly course Discover Your Passion and get access to the 20% off link at the end of the course. This offer is only available until Aug 25th.
5) There will be lots of guests and  detailed information coming your way and it can be life and business changing just read HeatherLee Chan’s blog post!
6) You can be either in business already or about to begin your journey. This course is a game changer either way because it is really about YOU! Check out what past participants have said about the last session below.You can read these fabulous blog posts about the course! Scroll down for testimonials!
7) You will have full access to Smart Creative Style for 1 year and anytime it runs again! I personally stay in the Facebook group (which remains active with members) and in the comments for 8 weeks while the course is running for 6 weeks and 2 weeks afterwards!

Read some awesome blog posts about the course!

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Heatherlee Chan


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Gabriella Buckingham 


confetti1confetti2Smart Creative Style is a 6 week e-course where you will you nail your look, your branding and your messaging down. Each week offers visual and sensory exercises because as a creative person, you LEARN and DISCOVER differently.
There will be specific mood board assignments where you will discover your look – a look that belongs to you alone. You hold the keys to your unique style and  this course, is your doorway.

Inside this course you will find:
Here are just some of the contributors…
To learn more check out the WHO page.

In this course you will…

  1. Navigate trends, taste and your personal style.
  2. Understand what “being a brand” really means.
  3. What it means to “position yourself” in the marketplace.
  4. Understand what it means to have a “point of difference.”
  5. Set up the core values for your brand.
  6. Grasp of the tone of your brand before you head out to market yourself.

I believe with a clear vision of your brand, it is much easier to grasp who your intended customer is and to create a plan of action on how to market to them!


*Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Lots of guests and lots of fun, yet not too overwhelming. We want you to sink into it and get it right. Discovering the very best of yourself can be tricky to do on your own, so I have also elicited some of my favorite girls with “good eyes” to help you decipher your boards if you are feeling stuck.

I personally have worked on my own creative style over the past few years, and it has set me free to explore and embrace the sides of myself that I took for granted. When I got organized and wrote some of the exercises down, my style became even more evident. So evident that I decided to pitch out half my wardrobe and redecorate my office – who knew that a “style” journey would resonate so deeply?

That is my hope for you. No more second guessing yourself, wondering where to turn next. This is an opportunity to jump start your creative business with clear direction and set you into forward motion!




“Monica Lee’s information-packed Smart Creative Style course was pivotal in providing the clarity I needed as I attempted to figure out the direction of my art business. I discovered that my current style was different than the art I was making, which was leading a bit of a creative block. Her course allowed me to better understand myself and my style, so that I could focus on the direction I wanted to take my business. In addition, her supportive attitude, marketing advice, and interviews with other business owners was invaluable.”  -Pam Wingard Barefoot Studios Art

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Smart Creative Style Course!  My mind is spinning with information that I need to sort through, and I’m inspired to refresh and reinvigorate my style and my business.  I must say the most valuable part of it for me is the confidence gained and the clarity that a career as an artist is where I belong.  As a result of the class, I feel like I now have the tools to get my work seen and my voice heard in new and different ways. Thank you, Monica, for your encouragement, wealth of information, and your well-planned course.  Thanks to Tom as well!” -Krista Hamrick

Who would ever have thought great learning could be such fun? Monica’s Smart Creative Style course was a complete joy!  Whilst being a very fun and nurturing experience, SCS  enabled me to find much greater clarity in a number of important areas of my business. The aesthetic clarity I gained was further complemented by valuable insights into branding provided by Khali. Tom’s marketing advice was clear and concise and his quiet, calm delivery style a breath of fresh air amongst a lot of “ra ra ra” online marketing advice. The course also felt completely doable within a busy schedule. A supportive FB group and inspiring interviews were the icing on the cake. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like  to clarify their aesthetic and receive a lot of valuable support with their decisions on the branding and marketing of their creative business. Thanks again!”-Lyndy Hants

“Monica Lee is an open book – which is an excellent quality for a teacher!  Because I have been a long time follower of Smart Creative Women, I had high expectations for the Smart Creative Style Course and it’s safe to say that my expectations were far exceeded!  I adore how Monica mixed her charm and a bit of humor in with important topics.  She makes learning fun!  Her course motivates and teaches invaluable information in a delightful way and I highly recommend it to any smart, creative woman who wants to further her career! Thanks so much and wishing you all the very best!” -Tori Higa
“Smart Creative Style is an unbelievable course! Through interviews, personal testimonials and written posts, Monica has created a curriculum that will allow you to define your unique style and create a plan that will bring that style to life. This is the perfect course for the creative entrepreneur who wants to create a business that stands out from the crowd. In a short amount of time you will learn how to apply your style to product development, branding, marketing and social networking. This course will be a game-changer for your business and I highly recommend it.” -Amber Savage

“Smart Creative Style offers such great information and wonderful tools for the solo entrepreneur. Even though the course is geared more towards branding which is wonderful in and of itself, you get SO much more! You get to hear from some of the best entrepreneurs who offer so many great tools and tips regarding starting and running a successful business. Another wonderful plus is the supportive community you have in the Facebook group where you can share with others who are on similar journeys as yourself. REALLY wonderful course that I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about starting and running a successful small business.” -Phyllis Harris

“It seems like everywhere you turn in today’s marketplace, there is an e-course. But seriously, if you only take one, take this one. Monica’s course provides incredible insights into finding your personal style, but she doesn’t leave you hanging. She and her colleagues then teach you how to translate your style into branding and marketing and other aspects of business planning. If that wasn’t enough, she ALSO maintains a very active, private Facebook group. A lot of magic happens in the FB group. Connections are made from your style to your brain and your heart, and new friendships are made along the way.” – Kate at KMericks

“You’ve heard it before: You need a unique voice, a style that’s all yours. But does anybody tell you how to define it? Monica Lee’s Smart Creative Style course takes you on a fun, guided journey to realizing your creative voice and then some. Once I worked through Monica’s fun exercises, I discovered that while I had a sense of “my style” I didn’t realize just how strong that aesthetic actually was ~ and how I wasn’t utilizing it to its full potential. Eye opening, to say the least! Monica’s insightful, encouraging videos throughout the course sparked all kinds of inspiration, as did those by the experts she brought in to offer advice on blogging, social media, newsletters, marketing and more. And the community that developed on the private Facebook group during the course was a mecca of fabulous daily information sharing between participants, Monica and her experts. I had thought this course was just going to be an enjoyable little style romp and it turned out to be a mega-educational, information-packed mini-semester in pulling together a successful creative business. If you have a chance to take this class, do it ~ discover what sets you apart (even if you think you already know – you might be surprised)!” -BJ Lantz

“Through Monica’s class I became much more aware of my design style. Through videos, worksheets and assignments Monica helps you uncover what you’re drawn to and how to use that as inspiration for your style. No matter where you are in your style journey, you’ll learn through and enjoy this class. Smart Creative Style led me to ask new questions, and to look for connections and inspiration all around.” -Amber Kane

“When Monica announced her The Smart Creative Style workshop I was giddy. The descriptions were awesome, the focus of our brand was right in line with branding I was working on and to be honest… I need help. I have no art training. And I don’t know how to approach thinking about my brand when I want to make an adjustment. So I jumped in with both feet and it’s the best decision I have made for my business. Right Time, Right Information, presented in the most RIGHT way possible. Monica is encouraging and involved. She didn’t just give us information, she reviewed our work, gave the most insightful suggestions to each and every person and was there 150% of the way for us. I highly recommend Smart Creative Style, it’s an investment in your company that is worth every penny.” -Pat Sloan

“Taking Monica’s Smart Creative Style class has helped me define what my style is and how that translates into building my brand identity , creating content for my blog and sharing on social media platforms. Her class is specifically designed to help each individual define for THEMSELVES what their stylistic voice is, and how to then take that and engage your audience. I would recommend Monica’s online course to anyone looking to better define their unique style and how to convey that as a brand for their business! And the exercises are fun!” -Melody Cassen

“This has truly been a great course that you have put together, Monica, I have taken several online courses so I can confidently say that you have provided a full, robust and value packed class and it was FUN!! Yeah!. I have to admit I was skeptical about those boards at first- I was never big on them- but what a surprise. Working with Pinterest made it so easy, no cutting and glueing. And now I have something to go back to. They have really opened up my eyes to see where I want my creative business to go. And all of the guests that you brought into the course to share their experiences was fabulous. I have learned so much.” -Sue Grilli

“Smart Creative Style was the best investment ever! I learned so much and was so inspired all through the course. It was amazing how we all networked and connected with each other! Monica really went all out, leaving no stone unturned in our creative world. Thank you Monica, your positive spirit shone right through our 6 weeks with you- illuminating on things that I had very little idea about before. I definitely feel more equipped than ever to move forward in my Art and Licensing business. I would have no problems recommending this course!!” -Farida Zaman

“I have really enjoyed the Smart Creative Style course. I am still in the beginning stages of starting my business but I have learned so much about branding that has helped me prepare my business plan. I have learned a ton about marketing and website design. Even more valuable to me has been the process of learning to trust my intuition and my own personal style. I love that this course has been a group journey of sharing among a wonderful, open, and supportive community of entrepreneurs. Thank you for a wonderful experience!” -Misty Cole

“This course was about finding your style in order to build a strong brand. But for me it was so much more–it was a process of self discovery and how the person I am translates into what I want my business to be. I’m still processing and discovering new and insightful things even though the course is over. This course gave me the tools to think about my style in a different way.” -Lana Koopman

“After looking at all my pinterest boards that we put together for the course, I saw some re-occurring themes. Romance, love, passion, and desire; all of which fit in with my core values perfectly. Since that day and every day following, I have been noticing little pieces of my style that I like. My favorite colors, roses, curly hairstyles, lace, glitter, etc. This repetitive process of NOTICING the little pieces of me shining through EVERY DAY has taught me HOW to love myself. It’s a matter of sitting down and really SEEING myself and APPRECIATING myself. Smart Creative Style has taught me how to FOCUS on what makes me happy and throwing away what doesn’t. I have found through this course not only how to recognize my creative voice and style but more importantly, how to love myself through it. ” -Meghan Davis

“Monica Lee’s class, Smart Creative Style, has taught me confidence I didn’t realize I was longing for. With the tools provided in her class I am now much more confident that I can not only make the blog that I have a success, but branch out into any different path I would like successfully. I am now confident not only in my own style and ability to succeed, but also in what I do and do not like. I never realized how powerful simply knowing myself, my likes and dislikes, can be. Thank you Monica and all of the wonderful women in this course! You have given us so many tools and so much inspiration to move forward in not only our business, creative life, but also in our personal life.” -Felicia Kampf

“The course is packed with material, not only about finding your own style but also business wisdom and general inspiration and motivation to be my best self. Everyone says we have to be authentic to succeed, but to share our true nature, we have to know our true self first. This course helped me to uncover my core intentions and really find myself. I have picked up so much wisdom and the great thing is that I can revisit the discovery exercises as my business grows… to ensure that I’m always working in alignment with my true style, even if it changes over time. And to top it all off, the community of classmates were so helpful in the process. A very enjoyable, feel good course – thank you for creating Smart Creative Style!” -Linda Tieu

“Being my first E-course, I found Smart Creative Style to be comprehensive, challenging, and most enjoyable. Monica’s content covers all aspects of managing a creative business with videos from industry experts, worksheets, and creating your own mood boards. She digs deep so be prepared for the work of discovering your authentic self. Her process of self discovery and guidance is targeted for the creative person and was right on! I have been transitioning out of one design business and into another for way too long. I didn’t have the knowledge of how to build a brand or the courage to change my style, but now I do. This was the right inspiration at the right time, thank you Monica and all the contributors to the Smart Creative Style experience.” – Claire Marschak

“I really have enjoyed this course with Monica. The quality of the course showed through all the information we received and in the caring support we received throughout the course. For me it has been an amazing journey of discovery where not only have I found a great deal more confidence in my ability but also in happiness in who I am. I now have a great blueprint for my future career that will keep me strong and focused even when times are tough. I am massively excited about my future and excited about becoming an entrepreneur. Before the course I was quite scared of the business side of selling my own ranges now I am armed with a large amount of business, marketing and technology information plus a great network to help me along. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to be successful, happy and creative to take this course!” -Poppy Westwell

*Terms and Conditions can be found here.