Let us explain about w...


Tom is back! We talk about marketing (or anti-marketing) and why some people just can’t wrap their brains around it! He gives a bit of insight into what he covers in the Smart Creative Style Course and then I give you a bit of my insights. Tune in, whether you are on the fence about […]

This is your year to S...


You didn’t think I could let the New Year start without a hello, hooray and some fun, did you!? What  plans are you building into your life and business this next year? What happened last year of note? Let me know in the comments. Are you capitalizing on your highlights?  (See what I mean by this in today’s video.) […]

Finding the missing pi...


Instincts, intuition, trusting yourself.  It all comes down to you making the right decisions for your brand and your business. A big piece of that is getting to fully understand what your brand is all about and understand what YOU are all about. I believe in your creative business should not look like anybody else’s!  With that note,  I am […]

My Creative Style


This was a REALLY interesting video for me to record. I taped it 3 times until I moved into my comfort zone. See I have learned a few surprising things about myself as I have found my “creative style.” I have been a student of style for YEARS and I knew that what I was […]

What does having a ...


In today’s video I explain what I mean by having a “creative style.” First it starts with believing and embracing that you are an original. That all your personality, abilities and strengths were designed on purpose so you can shine just the way you were created to. Hard to grasp sometimes and I talk about […]

Let’s talk money...


Woot! You have to see this video. I got inspired by Joy to create my own intro to this video!!! Tell me what you think! Fun! I wanted really to express that this course is about YOU. It’s a very special gift to yourself. I am letting you in on the price in this video […]