Style Case Study: Myst...


One of the past students of  the Smart Creative Style course was Erica Campanella. I wanted to show you a glimpse of her style boards and images. They had such a  sense of story in them. When she started compiling them week after week, I felt like I had walked into Masterpiece Theatre  miniseries. It […]

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Check out this short video and join us for Smart Creative Style! Everything you need to know is right on the registration page! This course is such a unique and fabulous journey to help you understand your aesthetic, your brand and your business. Don’t miss out on EARLY  BIRD pricing! It is the last time I […]

Your Creative Style


Even before I started Smart Creative Women, I spent quite a bit of time talking to and meeting all sorts of women. Women who have successful creative careers and women who are working very hard to make the leap into profitability with their own creative businesses. Women who want to put themselves out there in […]

Quick look: 3 English ...


I thought you could use an example of  3  brands with different creative styles that all lean into the English Countryside for inspiration. These brands all use the same iconic English rose imagery within their brands but with their own unique take on it. They even sell some of the same products but each brand […]

Quick look: 3 designer...


Larger brands have such a legacy that we can look and learn from even if we are just starting out. When I talk about American sportswear designers, who do you think of? I first think of the grandaddy, Ralph Lauren. His brand manages to touch on a romance with our heritage better than any other sportswear brand I […]